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Honor Watch GS Pro- €249.90/£249.99

Honor watch gs pro specifications two new watches, led by the Honor Watch GS Pro, which is said to be designed for “urban explorers,” were revealed by Honor. The GS Pro eligible for 14 MIL-STD-810 G military certifications when tested out back in January.

That’s to ensure that anything from high temperatures to rain and altitude has the kind of robust and reliable nature to survive anything.The watch is made of a reinforced poly carbonate body balanced by a stainless steel bezel that weighs in at 45.5 g when the corresponding strap is taken into account.

honor watch gs pro specifications




1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen


454x454, 326 ppi


Kirin A1, 4GB ROM (2GB available), 32MB RAM

Battery capacity

790 mAh (25 days est.)
Pogo pin charging

Sensors and components

Optical heart rate sensor
Ambient light sensor
Capacitive sensor
Bluetooth 5.1

Water resistance



Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+

Dimensions and weight

48mm x 48mm x 13.6mm
45.5g (without 22mm strap)


Body: Reinforced polycarbonate
Bezel and buttons: Stainless steel
Strap: fluoro rubber/braided nylon (Camo Blue only)


Charcoal Black, Marl White, Camo Blue

Honor Watch GS Pro Watches Price

In countries such as France , Germany , Italy and Spain, the Honor Watch GS Pro retails for EUR 249.90 in Europe. Spain and Italy have before the end of the month a reduced rate of EUR199.90, arriving in the last week of September.

The GS Pro costs 249.99 in the UK and is listed on Honor ‘s website for that price with your option of a free pair of FreeBuds 3i, Honor Bluetooth Earphones, or Honor Router 3, but the freebie is only available until 30 September 2020.

Honor Watch GS Pro Color

honor watch gs pro color2

You’ve also got your pick of charcoal black, marl white and camo blue color options.

honor watch gs pro specifications

honor watch gs pro-Display and dimension

All Watch GS Pro models have a 5ATM water resistance rating that makes them safe for showering and swimming up to a depth of 50 metres.A 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen that offers a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels and a density of 326 PPI pixels is front and centre. That’s the same monitor and resolution size that also came with the MagicWatch 2.

honor watch gs pro-design

In terms of sensors, when you are out hiking, you have built-in GPS as well as a barometric altimeter and a compass to make yourself more useful. Although there is no complete mapping support like you would find on something like the Garmin Fenix, breadcrumb navigation and features like Route Back are given to help you get back to your starting point safely.

Weather warnings are also assisted to help advise you of adverse situations as well as include sunrise and sunset times as well as moon and tidal phases.

honor watch gs pro-tracking

Support for over 100 training modes is available, which now includes a dedicated ski mode with ski-centric metrics on offer.

You also have 24/7 activity tracking, including ongoing heart rate monitoring powered by the TruSeen 3.5 sensor from Huawei. In order to control blood oxygen saturation levels during the day, you can also track stress and use the on-board SpO2 sensor.

Notification support, handling calls over Bluetooth and storing music (about 500 songs) as well as monitoring music playing on your phone are features of Smartwatch.

Honor Watch GS Pro Battery

honor watch gs pro-Battery

Battery life is the main distinction between the Honor Watch GS Pro and the Huawei Watch GT 2. Where the Watch GT 2 series delivers 14 days of battery life through a 455mAh cell, the GS Pro’s added battery bulk provides up to an incredible 25 days of battery life.

The Honor Watch GS Pro has a battery of 790mAh, charged in around two hours by a familiar pogo pin puck. I honestly don’t think it’s realistic to expect a full 25 days out of a single charge, but it will definitely be between 15 -20 days, at least not with this current software version.

I'm on track for 15 days of battery life for what I would consider to be usual use, not 25.

Honor Watch GS Pro Lite OS

The Lite OS is a wearable OS that is very simplistic. You can swipe up to see updates and tap them to expand  but  not  the  option  of  replying on  the  home watch face. On the main screen, swiping down reveals your quick settings. These include a do not disturb toggle, screen-on toggle, my phone locator, alarm shortcut, and menu shortcut settings. A Bluetooth connection  icon, a date and a battery indicator can also be found.

Honor Watch GS Pro Watch Insides

Swiping horizontally through the key screens of the Watch GS Pro shows screens dedicated to monitoring heart rate, tracking stress level, weather, playback of music, and an activity dashboard. The dashboard displays three rings that signify step count, minutes of monitored workouts, and active hours for the day. By going to Settings, you can rearrange Lite OS home screens or add extras.

1Huawei_Health_app_bike-ride_route_map (1)

When pressed on the main watch face, the top button on the right will open your app list. When moved somewhere in the Lite OS gui, it brings you back to the main screen. Just swipe inwards from the left-hand side of your screen to go back a move. The bottom button can be set to any app shortcut you want, but the activity monitoring is triggered by default.

Activity Records shows the above-mentioned dashboard, but you can swipe up to see more detailed information such as calories burned, distance covered, changes in elevation, as well as daily totals for steps, minutes of workout, and weekly active hours.


You can dive further into your exercise numbers, sleeping patterns, tension levels, and measures of SpO2, or monitor the hour, day, week, or month of your weight, heart rate, and calories burned. It may not be as complex as certain other wearable software, but it also has more than enough knowledge to cover the basics.      By pressing the Edit button at the bottom of the main screen and triggering it, you can add a menstrual cycle calendar to Huawei Health’s dashboard.

honor watch gs pro-Features

The fitness tracking of Huawei is generally very good and quite similar results are produced by the Honor Watch GS Pro. Measurements of heart rate and stress through sensors are about the same, as are details of sleep monitoring.

honor watch gs pro-Sleep Tracker

The GS Pro provides sleep monitoring, which is pretty decent, above heart rate tracking and exercise.

On the GS Pro, there is a barometer, altimeter, and compass. When you’re in the great outdoors, they certainly come in handy. Extreme weather warnings and accurate weather forecasts are provided by GS Pro. For the present day, you can see hourly weather details and regular outlooks for the week ahead. Tide hours, moon phase info, and details on sunset / sunrise can also be obtained.

Honor Watch GS Pro Route Back

honor watch gs pro-Display and dimension (1)

Route Back is an offline GPS function that helps you to ditch your phone and, if you get lost, always find your way back. It operates on specified outdoor activities such as camping or running outdoors and offers a quick description of the path to get you back to your starting point.

When watching one of the enabled tasks, just swipe twice from the right edge of the screen and use the + and-symbols to zoom in and out. It’s pretty clean and a fantastic thing to have.

honor watch gs pro-Music control

On the Watch GS Pro, I really like the audio sound. The speaker gets really loud, and while it’s not Dolby Atmos, a smartwatch is pretty darn fine. It enables you, through Bluetooth 5.1, to play music stored on your watch or tablet. As long as it’s compatible with your phone, the GS Pro will also take calls.


honor watch gs pro-phone feature

You can also use the GS Pro as a remote shutter for taking photos if you have an Honor or Huawei phone. So just prop up your screen, get in front of it and use the watch to unlock the shutter, if you need it, with a few seconds wait. On iPhones or non-Honor / Huawei Android phones, this functionality isn’t available. The stress monitoring functionality can not be taken advantage of by iOS users either.


We’ll update this section once we get hold of more Information.

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